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Poor Law Union

Worcester (1898-1930) [3] [25]

War Memorials

For the names of those included on War Memorials in Worcester see the individual Worcester Parishes and the following:

Astwood Cemetery

Worcestershire County Council WW2 memorial

Worcestershire County Council WW1 memorial

County Cricket Club


Gheluvelt Park


Kings School

For the names of those included on a WW1 memorial at Kings School see:

For the names of those included on a WW2 memorial at Kings School see:

For the names of those included on a War Memorial at School House in Kings School see:

For a War Memorial to Francis Arthur Rivers Malet at Kings School see:

For the names of those included on a Boer War Memorial at Kings School see:

Worcester Labour Club

Maggs Centre St Albans Church

Masonic Hall

Worcester Meco Works now Joy Mining Co factory in St John’s - following an air raid on 3rd October 1940 (The company is now part of the multinational Joy Mining Machinery company)

Worcestershire Constabulary Castle Street - located opposite the police station in Castle Street

Worcester Post Office Sorting Office  - located at Wainwright Road

Rowing Club WW1 memorial - located at Worcester Rowing Club, The Boathouse, Grand Stand Rd, Worcester

Rowing Club WW2 memorial - located at Worcester Rowing Club, The Boathouse, Grand Stand Rd, Worcester

Royal Grammar School

For a memorial to Godfrey Ronald Price at Nat West Bank see

For a memorial to Gerald Ernest Lea at Gheluvelt Park see

For a memorial for Shrub Hill GWR station sheet dept. see

For a memorial to Gerald Ernest Lea at Gheluvelt Park see

Census Records

All the censuses between 1841 and 1901 are now available on a number of fee-paying (Subscription or PayAsYouGo) sites including Ancestry.co.uk, FindMyPast.co.uk, thegenealogist.co.uk and genesreunited.co.uk. The 1911 census is available in full or in part on some of these sites. We are unable to advise on the choice of site since researchers' personal preferences will be influenced by the content and search facilities offered by each site. Some sites offer a free trial.

Access to the library edition of Ancestry.co.uk is widely available at most record offices, including Worcestershire Archives, and some libraries. You are advised to book time on their computers before making a visit.

A free-to-view site is being developed at freecen.org.uk for the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1891 censuses. Coverage of Worcestershire parishes is rather sparse at this time.

Census returns can usually be viewed at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Family History Centres.

Some repositories offer census details on microform, disc or printed copy. These include:

At BMSGH Shop:-

Worcester City (North)- 1851 Census (Transcript) Vol. 6. PRO. Ref. HO107/2042-2
Worcester City (South)- 1851 Census (Transcript) Vol. 6. PRO. Ref. HO107/2042-3
Worcester City (West)- 1851 Census (Transcript) Vol. 6. PRO. Ref. HO107/2042-1

At Worcestershire Archives [14]:

Some of the places listed under Worcester are ecclesiastical parishes. Others are merely areas of the city. Much of the northern part of the city was originally within Claines parish.

1891- 1901 Worcester Castle Street Prison
1891- 1901 Worcester General Infirmary
1891- 1901 Worcester Workhouse
1901 Royal Albert Orphan Asylum

At Society of Genealogists:
1851 census Worcestershire, vol. 6 part 1-3 Worcester : transcript & surname index Published Birmingham : Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry, 1990 Author Boaz, Margaret (trans.)

Worcestershire 1851 census returns : Worcester registration district HO 107/2042 [Microfilm.] - Published London : Public Record Office, 1996

Worcestershire 1861 census returns : Worcester registration district RG/9 2089-2095 [Microfilm.] - Published London : Public Record Office, 1996

Worcestershire 1891 census returns : Worcester registration district RG 12/2324-2330 [Microfilm.] - Published London Public Record Office 2003

Schools Records

The following school records are original documents. Note reference number and contact staff at Worcestershire Archives:
British School for Boys
Attendance Registers.Note: The School closed in 1915 - 1900-1901 - Ref: BA 12805

Cherry Orchard Council (Infants) School
Admission register - 1919-55 - Ref: BA 11076

Cherry Orchard Primary School
Admission registers - 1883-1973 - Ref: BA 10550/2(i)-(iv)
Log books - 1883-1981 - Ref: BA 10550/1(i)-(iii)
Register of summaries of attendances.Note: On opening, this school was originally known as 'St Peter's Extra-Municipal Board School', but by 1907 it was also known as Cherry Orchard Council School. - 1964-67 - Ref: BA 10550/2(v)
Visitors log books - 1886-1903 - Ref: BA 10550/1(iv)

Comer Gardens School
Log books - 1880-1984 - Ref: BA 11953/1(i)-(iii), 2(i)-(ii)

Henwick Grove Junior School
Log book.Note: This volume contians several loose newspaper cuttings and H M Inspectors' reports relating to the school. - 1950-84 - Ref: BA 11953/2(iii)

Hound's Lane Council School
Boys' Department - Admission register - 1907-33 - Ref: BA 9294/48(iv)
Girls' Department - Admission register - 1890-1933 - Ref: BA 9294/48(v)
Girls' Department - Admission register - 1933-1939 - Ref: BA 9294/49(vi)

Hound's Lane Infants' School
Admission register - 1896-1922 - Ref: BA 9294/48(i)
Admission register - 1922-38 - Ref: BA 9294/48(ii)
Admission register - 1938-39 - Ref: BA 9294/48(iii)

Lower Wick Observation and Assessment Centre School
Attendance registers, admission register, log book and punishment book..Note: This school was formerly known as Lower Wick Reception Centre School and was closed in 1982. - 1964-82 - Ref: BA 9058

Lower Wick Observation Centre
Attendance Register - 1966-67 - Ref: BA 9888/4(xxxiii)

Pitmaston Infant School
Log Book - 1981-83 - Ref: BA 9102/12(v)

Queen Elizabeth's Free Grammar School
Admission register sheets - 1898-1945 - Ref: BA 8068/1(vi), 2(i)-(iv)

Rainbow Hill Infants School
Admission register. Microfilm - 1962-81 - Ref: BA 11061/(iv)

Rainbow Hill Junior Mixed School
[Admission register]Note: This school was later known as Rainbow Hill Primary School. - [1962-1981] - Ref: BA 11061/(iv)
Log book. Microfilm - 1942-75 - Ref: BA 11061/(iv)

Rainbow Hill Night School
Log book. MicrofilmNote: The above was also known as St Barnabas Evening Continuation School - 1893-1901 - Ref: BA 11061/(iii)

Rainbow Hill School
Log books. Microfilm - 1887-[1955] - Ref: BA 11061/(i)(ii)(iii)

Royal Free Grammar School
Attendance registers - 1923-33 - Ref: BA 4334/24-26

Royal Grammar School
Admission register sheets - 1898-1945 - Ref: BA 8068/1(vi), 2(i)-(iv), 3 Royal Grammar School - Photograph of pupils - 1875 - Ref: BA 8068/19(x)
School register.Note: The above contains information on pupils, such as dates of birth, addresses, occupations of parents, dates of leaving school and remarks - 1889-1908 - Ref: BA 4280

Samuel Southall School
Log books.Note: from September 1965 the school was known as Samuel Southall County secondary mixed school. - 1937-79 - Ref: BA 10663/1

Samuel Southall Senior Girls School
Log books.Note: These two log books include some loose papers and lists of members of the teaching staff - 1937-65 - Ref: BA 10663/1

St Barnabas Sunday School
[Sunday School?] register - [mid 19th cent] - Ref: BA 8727/7(ii)

St George's Sunday School
Boys' and Girls' classes. Registers - 1956-57 - Ref: BA 8734/30(i)
Register - [early 20th cent.] - Ref: BA 8734/29

St Johns C. E. Primary School
Log book.Note: The final entry in this volume, dated 20 July 1984, records that the School closed down on that date. - 1959-84 - Ref: BA 9888/1(iii)
Attendance registers - 1976-84 - Ref: BA 9888/4(i)-(xxxii)
Admission registers - 1959-84 - Ref: BA 9888/3(viii)

St Martin's Boys' School
Photograph of pupils - [c1903/4] - Ref: BA 7386
Printed report (listing those receiving prizes and examination passes) - 1872 - Ref: BA 9238

St Martin's School
Log books - 1924-52 and 1953-61 - Ref: BA 8502/14(ii)-15
Boys' Department - Admission register - 1926-60 - Ref: BA 9294/50(v)

St Mary's Infants' Schools
Admission register - 1914 - 25 - Ref: BA 9294/50(iii)
Admission register - 1925-39 - Ref: BA 9294/50(iv)

St Mary's Sunday School
Bible Class, Senior division register - 1944 - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Infants' class register - [mid 20th cent] - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Junior class register - [mid 20th cent] - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Kindergarten class registers - [mid 20th cent] - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Registers - 1941-54 - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Registers - 1941-54 - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Senior class registers - 1962-64 - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)
Senior School/Junior class register - [mid 20th cent] - Ref: BA 8018/22(v)

St Paul's Infants' School
Admission register - 1949-60 - Ref: BA 9294/51(i)

St Paul's School
Admission register - [18]84-[19]02 - Ref: BA 9037/75(iii)
Admission register - [19]02-1921 - Ref: BA 9037/75(iii)
Admission register - 1921-1953 - Ref: BA 9037/75(iii)

St Peter's Boys' School
Admission register - 1892-1900 - Ref: BA 9294/49(iii)
Admission register - 1900-1912 - Ref: BA 9294/49(iv)
Admission register - 1913-1960 - Ref: BA 9294/49(v)

St Peter's Girls' School
Admission register - 1901-22 - Ref: BA 9294/50(i)
Admission register - 1921-60 - Ref: BA 9294/50(ii)

St Peter's Infants' School
Admission register - 1907-25 - Ref: BA 9294/49(i)
Admission register - 1925-53 - Ref: BA 9294/49(ii)

Sunday School Angel Street Congregational Church
Minutes, attendance records etc - 1881-1933 - Ref: BA 7489

Sunday School: Bromyard Road Methodist
Photograph re Mr Harris and his class of [Sunday] School Children in [1915] - 1973 - Ref: BA 9716/1(xvii)

Sunday School: Ombersley Road Methodist Church
Attendance registers, Scholars rolls, drawing books, papers relating to Sunday School test. - 1934-1949 - Ref: BA 7933/4, 5

Technical High School
Admission register - 1954-64 - Ref: BA 9294/51(ii)

Worcester Technical College
Worcestershire Education Committee register containing names of pupils attending various classes and fees paid for each course.Note: This volume was found in the basement of the Victoria Institute, Worcester - [1949-1955] - Ref: BA 12806

Worcester Technical High School
Admission register - 1954-64 - Ref: BA 9294/51(ii)

The records of schools and other educational establishments are detailed in a handlist available at Worcestershire Archives. The list refers to original documents so you will need to note the reference number and contact staff.

At Society of Genealogists
A history of King's School Worcester Published London : Ernest Benn Ltd, 1936 Author Macdonald, Alec Source Bequest: B Arthure

King's School, Worcester, 1541-1971 Published Worcester & London : The Trinity Press, 1972 Author Craze, Michael Source Bequest: B Arthure

Other Sources

At Society of Genealogists
Marriage licence bonds in the Edgar Tower, Worcester, 1600-98 index [Manuscript.] IN: Worcester marriage licences 1600-98 (spine) Published , Nd.

The protestation returns 1641/42 for the city of Worcester [Typescript.] Published , 1968 Author Faraday, Michael Anthony (transcription.)

Worcester wills, vol. 1 1665, 1725 (one each), 1771-1833 [abstracts] (Phillipps Ms no. 18920) [Manuscript.] IN: Testamenta Vigorniensa Published , Nd.

Worcester wills, vol. 1 contents [index to 2 vols of wills 1545-84] [Manuscript.] Published Nd.

Worcester wills, vol. 2 1704, 1745 (one each), 1753-1840 [abstracts] (Phillipps Ms no. 18950) [Manuscript.] IN: Testamenta Vigorniensa Published , Nd.

Worcestershire Archives index to registers of wills proved in Worcester district probate registry 1858-1928, vol. 1 A-J; vol. 2 K-Z [Typescript.] IN: Worcester wills 1858-1928 index (spine) Published Worcester : Worcestershire Archives, 1973 Author Gowers, H H (comp.)

Worcester : Diocesan histories IN: Diocesan histories Published London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1883 Author Smith, I Gregory Author Onslow, Phipps

Worcester administration bonds & other testamentary papers formerly in the Edgar Tower, Worcester, part 1 calendar of administration bonds 1536-1700; part 2 index to inventories 1548-1716; part 3 extr Worcester administration bonds & other testamentary papers formerly in the Edgar Tower, Worcester, part 1 calendar of administration bonds 1536-1700; part 2 index to inventories 1548-1716; part 3 extracts from testamentary papers (16th to 18th centuries, BRI-Z only); part 4 extracts from consistory court papers 1593-1696 [Typescript.] Published , 1910 Author Bloom, J Harvey

Worcester Bishop's Registry:list of probate inventories 1530-1648 A-M only[Manuscript.]Published, Nd.
Worcester Bishop's Registry, vol. 1 Dean & Chapter's will book [1528-39] [Microfilm.] Published Salt Lake City, UT (USA) : Genealogical Society of Utah, 1953

Worcester Bishops' Registry, vol. 2, 4, 6-7 : calendar of wills 1509-1642 & index to Worcestershire wills 1681-1858 [Microfilm.] Published , Nd.

Worcester Episcopal Consistory Court wills 1545-84 [Manuscript.] Published Nd. Acc. no. 11168-11169

The Hearth Tax collectors' book for Worcester 1678-1680 : Worcestershire Historical Society new series, vol. 11 IN: Worcestershire Historical Society new series, vol. 11 Published Worcestershire Historical Society 1983 Author Meekings, C A F ed Author Porter, S & Roy, I eds. Source D: P Loveridge.


Extracts from the Topographical Dictionary of England 1831 by Samuel Lewis:

WORCESTER, a city and county of itself, having exclusive jurisdiction, locally in the county of Worcester, of which it is the capital, 111 miles (N. W. by W.) from London, containing, according to the last census, 17,023 inhabitants, which number has since increased to about 20,000. The City is pleasantly situated at the base and on the acclivity of elevated ground, rising gently from the east bank of the river Severn, over which is a handsome stone bridge of five elliptical arches, connecting it with the suburb of St. John's.

The manufacture of broad cloth prevailed here to a very great - extent in the reign of Henry VIII, at which time there were three hundred and eighty looms, employing eight thousand persons: on its decline the carpet manufacture was introduced, which, after flourishing for a short time, was transferred to Kidderminster.

The present manufactures are those of porcelain and gloves, for the former of which this city has obtained a degree of reputation unequalled at home, and not surpassed abroad: the Worcester china is equally valued for its fineness and transparency, the elegance of its patterns, and the beauty of its embellishments.

The glove manufacture conducted upon a very extensive scale, affording employment to not less than eight thousand persons in the city, exclusively of many thousands in the neighbouring villages …

The manufacture of lace has been recently established here, and is making rapid progress. A distillery upon a large scale, a rectifying establishment, and a British wine manufactory, are conducted; and extensive iron-foundries have been erected on the banks of the canal and the Severn: a considerable trade is carried on in hops, of which there are extensive plantations in the vicinity.

The Worcester and Birmingham canal affords great facility of communication between the latter town and the Severn, and for the conveyance of goods from Manchester and the north of England, through Worcester and the Severn, which is navigable for barges of considerable tonnage, and on the banks of which are commodious quays and spacious warehouses, contributes greatly to promote the trade and commercial prosperity of the city.

The market place, nearly opposite the town hall in High Street, is a spacious and commodious area, erected in 1804, at an expense of £5050.

The corn market is held at a place so called, being a spacious area at the eastern end of Silver-street. The hop market is held in a spacious area opposite Berkeley chapel, at the south end of the Foregate: the buildings surrounding this area, formerly used as the city workhouse, have been converted into warehouses and offices, of which the rents are applied by the guardians thereof in aid of the poor rates of the several parishes which contributed to their erection: the sales of hops are very considerable, averaging annually about twenty-five thousand pockets.


The city comprises the parishes of St. Alban, All Saints, St. Andrew, St. Clement (partly in the lower division of the hundred of Oswaldslow), St. Helen, St. Martin (partly in the lower division of the hundred of Oswaldslow), St. Nicholas, St. Peter (partly in the lower division of the hundred of Oswaldslow), and St. Swithin, all in the archdeaconry and diocese of Worcester.

The royal grammar school connected with the cathedral was founded, at the time of that establishment by Henry VIII., for forty boys, of which number ten are appointed by the dean and three by each of the prebendaries: .. The free grammar school was founded by Queen Elizabeth 156l, …

[Infirmary and Workhouse]
The city and county infirmary was established in 1770, and is under the regulation of a president and committee, being liberally supported by the nobility and gentry of the surrounding neighbourhood; the building, which occupies an airy and appropriate situation, adjoining the Pitchcroft meadow, was completed at an expense of £6085. 9- 9-> raised by subscription

The house of industry, an extensive brick building, occupying an elevated situation to the east of the town, was erected by act of parliament, obtained in 1792, for the accommodation of eight incorporated parishes of the city, the parish of St. Peter not being included; and is under the control of the mayor, for the time being, and a board of twelve directors: the buildings were erected at an expense of £7318, and the purchase of the land belonging to it was £2273.

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