Worcester St Mary Magdalene the Tything


O.S. Ref: SO850555

Parish Church

St. Mary, St. Mary's Street, off The Tything, Worcester (A38)
The church was declared redundant on 29 September 1978 and has now been converted to housing.[5] [80]

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

Archdeaconry & Diocese of Worcester [25]

Parish Registers at Worcestershire Archives

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Coverage Source
Microform Christenings 1866-1976 [5]
Marriages 1878-1977 [5]
Burials 1878-1977 [5]
Banns 1940-77 [5]
Originals Banns 1926-77 [12]

Bishops' Transcripts

Begin 1939 Worcestershire Archives [22]

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Parish Registers Births / Christenings
Bishops' Transcripts Births / Christenings

Monumental Inscriptions and Associated Documents

CLAINES (St. George & St. Mary Magdalen, Barbourne) : Monumental Inscriptions: in Bloom's Worcestershire Monumental Inscriptions, part 1 [Manuscript.] IN: Bloom's Worcestershire Monumental Inscriptions, part 1 Published , Nd. Author Bloom, J Harvey (transcriptions) Society of Genealogists [59]

Census Records

All the censuses between 1841 and 1901 are now available on a number of fee-paying (Subscription or PayAsYouGo) sites including Ancestry.co.uk, FindMyPast.co.uk, thegenealogist.co.uk and genesreunited.co.uk. The 1911 census is available in full or in part on some of these sites. We are unable to advise on the choice of site since researchers' personal preferences will be influenced by the content and search facilities offered by each site. Some sites offer a free trial.

Access to the library edition of Ancestry.co.uk is widely available at most record offices, including Worcestershire Archives, and some libraries. You are advised to book time on their computers before making a visit.

A free-to-view site is being developed at freecen.org.uk for the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1891 censuses. Coverage of Worcestershire parishes is rather sparse at this time.

Census returns can usually be viewed at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Family History Centres.

Some repositories offer census details on microform, disc or printed copy. These include:
1851 71 81 91 at Worcestershire Archives [14]
See also Claines
St. Mary:1901 Worcestershire Archives [14]

Parish Records on microform

At Worcestershire Archives [13]
Volume containing various papers, minutes, newspapers, letters etc 1866-83
c.25 draft deeds, abstracts of title, letters etc re. Land in Sansome Walk & Northfield & local Sunday school 1875-83
7 draft deeds, affidavits, scheme & other papers 1874-75
c25 deeds re property in Sansome Walk & Northfield St 1809-83
Sale particulars (including the Pleasure Grounds estate nr. Sansome Walk) 1866 & 1874
3 plans (proposed church & Tything) 19th cent
Sale particulars re land formerly known as the "Saracen's Head" bowling green 1879
4 plans (proposed church & Tything) 19th cent.
Copy of will of John Iddy of Claines 1812
Tything District Church - receipts etc 1881
C25 accounts, sale poster etc re bankruptcies 1867-84
Subscription list for Organ Chambers & Vestries Building Fund c1881
3 copy resolutions re new church etc 1875
c30 letters, infirmary reports, list of magistrates etc re subscriptions 1870-81
c150 letters, accounts, posters, licence etc 1868-72
c20 lists of names, accounts etc re subscriptions 1867-77
c250 letters, accounts, posters etc 1870-76
c120 letters, accounts, draft minutes etc 1866-69
c60 draft minutes, accounts, letters etc 1870-78
c20 letters, accounts & list of names 1866-76
c20 letters, newscuttings, fire policy, approval of ecclesiastical Commissioners etc 1878-86
Block plan of Tything New Church mid.19th cent
C50 letters, receipts etc re organ, organ chamber & vestry buildings 1881-6
C80 letters 1867-79 List of invitations to luncheons 1877
C15 copies of extracts from various parish regs 1837-67
List & plan of congregation paying pew rents 1866-69
Photograph of St Mary's Church under construction 1876
Copy of licence to C.R.Blaker as curate 1876
3 copies of London Gazette March & July 1875, July 1878
c50 forms of service leaflets etc re opening of the church 1866-77
Confirmation registers 1927-76
Register of services 1879-1943
Notice Book 1926-42
Agenda & convening of parish meeting etc 1877
3 letters re churchwardens 1941-70
Churchwardens accounts 1875-1934
C12 articles of enquiry etc er presentments 1963-69
Newspaper cutting re new lectern 4/9/1880
Peel Trust account book 1917-34; counterfoils of coal vouchers 20th cent
PT counterfoils of coal vouchers 20th cent; c350 coal vouchers 20th cent
PT c7 Charity Commission & other memos 1916-70; c12 Charity Commission & other letters 1916-69
PT c15 grocery & coal lists 1936-68; c12 coal orders 1947-50
PT c35 applications for tickets 1945
Prosser Trust Account Book 1931-58; pass book 1931-55;
Prosser Trust c25 Charity Commission memos, letters etc 1931-70 ;
Prosser Trust c20 coal orders mid 20th cent; c20 coal orders mid 20th cent
Peel & Prosser Trusts c20 letters, schemes etc 1949-71
C10 Charity Commission letters, schemes & more letters 1962-69
C20 applications for St Mary's Parochial Charities 1945-46
C12 letters, invoices, balance sheets etc re St. Mary's Sick & Poor Fund 1943-61
PCC signed minutes 1907-21
Standing & Finance Committee signed & unsigned minutes 1928-54
Accounts book containing loose balance sheets etc 1930-38
PCC account books 1948-65,1931-74
PCC 3 copies of electoral rolls 1962-67
13 lists of alterations to electoral rolls 1920-69
3 folders of electors' declarations re qualification early 20th cent
c9 letters & notices re electoral matters 1936-75
4 Organ Fund collecting books 1936-37
Mission Acccount books 1926-38, 1943-49
Mission lending library borrowers register 1925-42
10 various Sunday School registers c1941-64
Parish magazine distributors' meetings signed minutes 1928-37
Parish Magazine fund accounts 1926-73
Parish magazine distributors' accounts 1927-36;1930-49
Parish magazine, 6 accounts, balance sheets, lists of distributors & other papers 19th cent - 1944
Worcester Diocesan Gazette, 71 copies 1926-33
Bishop of Worcester's Advisory Committee report on St Mary Magdalene's Church 1929
The Old House, Cropthorne. Report of the Bishop's Council's Working Party 1974
Copy of will of Michael Davis of Martley, will dated 1871, copy from same century
C30 newscuttings, orders of service, posters & other papers 1886-1975
8 lists of persons

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